Loan Money, Here’s an Easy Way to Get It


Everybody has the potential to become victims of tongpes, aka flat bags. If you have experienced this situation, the head immediately nodded. Dizzy because the source of the coffers sold out drained. The most logical option is to look for a money loan.

The easiest way to end the suffering of tongpes is to find a loan from family or closest friends. Gratitude, they still have excess money that can be used.

But just be ready to make a million reasons and hopeful facial expressions. Oh yes don’t forget, get rid of the shame first if you are forced to borrow from them.

But if the level of embarrassment is too high, it might not be convenient to find a loan that way.

Especially if you have a high prestige, borrowing money from relatives or friends will certainly drop your pride. If you already like this, will turn the brain looking for loans to the bank warehouse alias.

Only problem is, you want to borrow money from the bank, there are procedures that must be fulfilled. Then the thought of looking for money loans online, but still not a collateral drug tongpes.

Now if it’s like this, don’t panic. There is how to quickly and easily get money in an instant. What are they?

1. Used goods

1. Used goods

This is the simplest way. Try to check around the house, about used goods that are still valuable in the eyes of scavengers. Call it old newspapers, unused iron, broken kitchen utensils, electronic goods, and so on.

Just wait for a scavenger to pass by and let him estimate the price of the items. Do not let him dictate the price, we also have the right to determine the value of the goods.

2. Garage sale

2. Garage sale

This term has often been heard. Actually this is another way of selling used goods but is worth using. But the buyers are not scavengers, but for the public.

In addition, we ourselves are actively selling it. Just ‘sweeping’ the items that can be sold in front of the house. It could be used magazines, used clothes, old furniture, and the like. Remember, put on a realistic price to sell.

In addition to being more exciting, there’s nothing wrong with making a promotion by distributing brochures. Or if you want to be more practical, just announce it on social media.

3. Reseller

3. Reseller

Try to check a friend, if any of them are producing goods or services. Well, who knows we can be involved there.

Can sell their goods again as a reseller or ask for help to be given the opportunity as a part-time employee. Many advantages here.

In addition to the suffering of the missing pespes, we can also learn the extent of marketing talent. No less important, can learn how to open up small and medium business opportunities.