Credit despite parental allowance

Parents are happy when they can finally hold their child to the poor after a long wait. Often, however, many problems start because a child always means that it also involves costs. These should not be underestimated, because a new children’s room, diapers, food and clothes for the child swallow a lot of money. So that everything can be taken care of, parents can take out a loan despite parental allowance under certain conditions. In order to be successful at the bank, there are a number of things you should consider to ensure that the loan is granted.

There is no salary – but credit opportunities still exist

There is no salary - but credit opportunities still exist

If only one parent works during parental leave and therefore does not have a salary, this does not automatically mean that there are no credit opportunities. For one thing, a salary can be high enough to apply for a loan. On the other hand, credit opportunities can also be improved so that a loan is granted despite parental allowance. If you do not know whether that is enough salary to get the loan, you should first make a list of all income and expenses. This allows you to determine how much money is left when all expenses have been included.

The credit rate can be determined with this excess. The amount of the credit rate is decisive for how high the loan amount can be. If a salary does not manage to exceed the garnishment allowance, it will only be possible to increase his credit chances with certainty. There must be attachable income, as this is the only way to guarantee that the borrower is able to meet his payment obligations and that the bank has the security of getting their money in the event of a loan default.

Improve creditworthiness

Improve creditworthiness

Those who fear difficulties in granting credit should improve their creditworthiness before applying. This is not easy for everyone, because the bank is particularly careful when it comes to a loan despite parental allowance. She checks the documents that are needed to avoid any risk of a loan default. It is therefore important that the borrower improves his creditworthiness before the first interview with the bank to such an extent that it is almost impossible for the bank to refuse a loan despite parental allowance.

In this way, a guarantee can be offered if there is a risk of a loan default. The borrower has to take care of the guarantor himself, regardless of the relationship he has with the guarantor. A guarantor is the most common way to secure a loan. Anyone who has a regular income that can be attached in the event of a loan default and whose Credit Bureau entries are positive can act as a guarantor. The guarantor must be of legal age and should ideally not have a loan himself. It is not possible for everyone to convince someone as a guarantor, because that is always associated with a great responsibility.

If the borrower does not meet his payment obligations, the bank will use the guarantor for the loan installments. In this way, the borrower can also try whether his bank also accepts his own life insurance as security for the loan despite parental allowance. This can be used as soon as it has a surrender value and can cover the loan amount with the surrender amount. This step should be carefully considered because the borrower risks losing his life insurance.

As soon as only one installment of the loan is not paid, life insurance takes effect and goes into the hands of the bank. This will cancel the insurance and receive the surrender value, which can be a few hundred if not a thousand USD. Life insurance should therefore only be used as security in extreme emergencies.

What loans are being given

What loans are being given

To get an overview of the loans that can be granted, everyone should know how much money they need and whether they can get the loan despite parental allowance. Depending on the creditworthiness, the applicant can trade a small loan up to a normal installment loan. Interest rates vary widely, because the poorer the credit rating, the higher interest rates are usually required.

In order to get a cheap loan despite parental allowance, several offers should be compared. A lot of money can be saved and the loan taken out becomes cheaper. The money will be scarce so quickly and if you can save a few hundred USD in interest then you have decided on a cheap offer.