Change car loan – refinance quickly and inexpensively

Change car loan – refinance quickly and inexpensively


Nothing is set in stone for eternity. Changes in the life situation, the interests, not to forget cost reasons, speak for the change of contract or for the subscription the termination. Criticism at

A special feature comes with car loans. Most pay attention to the small installments when buying. You finance with the final installment. In other words, the small installments only make up for the loss in value. In the end there is an “invaluable” high closing rate.

The follow-up financing from the manufacturer’s bank is also usually very unattractive in terms of price. Switching the car loan, getting the low installments through low interest rates and the right term is the hope.

Refinance final installment – the right time

Refinance final installment - the right time

There is initially no rush to think about the new financing of the final installment. However, a few weeks before the closing rate is due, it is time to “take care”. Personal creditworthiness is decisive for whether the final installment can be easily refinanced. Because, at the due date, the vehicle value corresponds to the payment.

The vehicle value, but not the mortgage lending value. This is between 20 percent and 30 percent less than the sales value of the car for the dealer EK. The difference must balance personal creditworthiness. At the same time, this determines whether particularly cheap car loans are eligible.

Switching a car loan with a good credit rating is not a problem. Modern car loan can be in the account in 48 hours . We still recommend that you apply four to six weeks in advance. Most banks accept the wish to postpone payment to a fixed date in the future (without interest).

Change car loan – debt rescheduling

Change car loan - debt rescheduling

From time to time it makes sense to combine existing loans. The current account should be permanently “above zero” again. Likewise, other payment obligations could be the reason for the “big cleaning up”. Switching car loans through a direct bank offers plenty of scope.

Many lenders allow you to take out a “dedicated” car loan and at the same time offset other debts. You can see who offers low-interest car loans for “general debt restructuring” from the loan comparison, see Product details. The special conditions are listed under the heading “ Benefits ”. It should say something like: “Debt rescheduling number 10 or even unlimited”.

In this way, changing the auto loan becomes a real interest-saving model. However, the old credit can still tarnish the joy. Unfortunately, early repayment of the “old loan” is not generally permitted free of charge. The “prepayment penalty” can amount to up to one percent of the loan amount. (Valid for installment loans after June 11, 2010).

Our tip – check old contracts

Our tip - check old contracts

Before you decide to switch, we advise you to check the old contracts. Through the “prepayment penalty” the hoped-for saving effect can be reversed or at least vanish.

Problem cases – when is it difficult to change?

Problem cases - when is it difficult to change?

Regardless of whether the final installment is rescheduled or whether it is rescheduled, problems cannot be ruled out. Of course everyone wants to change their car loan and pay as little interest as possible.

Despite the generally low interest rate level, a “top interest rate” requires a “top credit rating”. Refinancing, for example to reschedule the final installment, is difficult due to the poor mortgage lending value. The same applies to the rescheduling of existing liabilities. A good example of this is the overdraft facility.

It is only available to the extent allowed because the credit model (which can be terminated immediately) and high interest rates allow lending despite a weaker credit rating. If he is rescheduled for an installment loan, the situation must be reassessed. The bank cannot get out of the installment loan “in the blink of an eye”. In other words, debt is not the same as debt.

Simple problem solving – second applicant

Simple problem solving - second applicant

Regardless of why a bank is critical of car loan switching, it is always about the security of capital. All credit institutions are even legally obliged to carry out a credit check.

The green light can only be given if it can be proven that the lending is secure. Most lenders offer the simplest solution to the problem. A credit for two solvent people passes the credit check much easier. The joint applicants can even hope for a particularly favorable offer of interest.

Because lending can hardly be much safer than through property security and solvent two applicants. If you have any doubts about your personal credit rating, you can either apply immediately or start a credit inquiry.

Which loan suits the applicant

Which loan suits the applicant

To evaluate your own credit request, normal citizens quickly feel overwhelmed. “Yes, the monthly rate XY, I can afford it”, simply lack the specialist knowledge.

Of course there is also a solution for this. Simply approach Agree bank with the request for a credit assessment. The portal checks “loan neutral” before the loan request. Afterwards, changing car loans is a breeze.

The proposal shows which lender offers the optimal conditions for the application. If the loan can be approved, Agree bank shows the best way.

Problem solutions – what needs to be considered?

Problem solutions - what needs to be considered?

The desire to lower the monthly installment is not a rare trigger to switch to a vehicle loan. However, it will only be difficult to pay the current installments if the limits of financial resilience have been reached.

In conclusion, only loans with limited creditworthiness are eligible. In the credit comparison, for example, the “extra credit” from “Lite Lender”. Switching car loans Using the extra loan could significantly reduce the rate burden. The bank offers loans with a term of up to 144 months. But, the small installments are not free. The 2/3 example according to shows 9.12 percent effective annual interest rate for loans under 50,000 USD with a long term.

The compound interest has a significant impact on the cost balance.

Change car loan – loan portals

Change car loan - loan portals

Legislators have set clear limits to banks’ willingness to take risks. It is different with private loans.

It is up to you to decide whether a private lender checks the creditworthiness, which criteria he applies to lending. It is possible to switch car loans – away from bank loans to private donors – through loan portals.

Agree bank with the “credit private” and Cream Bank are considered market leaders. The offer to deposit the vehicle title as collateral makes it easier to switch car loans from the bank to private lenders.

Even despite credit bureau, there are realistic credit opportunities. However, the 2/3 example according to PAngV must be observed again.

The loan from private through Cream Bank then costs, for example, 18.40 percent APR.